Friday, May 2, 2008

Blogger gets new BlackBerry sneak peek

Can a new phone from Research In Motion Ltd. be unveiled by a blog long before its anticipated debut? The Boy Genius Report, a blog largely devoted to scoops about mobile gadgets, reported on Wednesday night that it was the first to get its hands on the coming BlackBerry Kickstart – a scoop that is being credited for driving up RIM's share price by 5.4 per cent on Thursday.

“Are you ready, people? We've been holding this info for a while now trying to confirm it, but no more!” the blogger said. “We've known RIM is planning to launch a flip phone within the year, and we now have the pictures to prove it!”

The blogger believes the phone will be officially released before the end of the year, but it fails to mention how it got hold of the phone in the first place. He includes several pictures of the phone, held at various angles. Other sites were quick to pick up the scoop.

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