Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kelly Lamrock: who named you a superhero?

I just can't wait for Aug. 5th, 2008. Why, you ask?

Because on that date Kelly Lamrock believes that he will become New Brunswick's superhero. How else should I describe him? He has on more than one occasion made it appear to me that he will be New Brunswick's next superhero; with his high threshold for abuse and the fact that he is willing to sacrifice those he loves for the benefit of others surely seems to be worthy of a superhero.

He also seems to be on a crusade against the elitists of this province, who he would have us believe are the evil villains of our education system.

Also part of this team of villains are none other than the Ombudsman Bernard Richard and our justice system. This all seems like a farce but believe me it is really happening. Oh!! I also forgot to mention that he is the defender of those who cannot speak for themselves, the silent majority and maybe just like in a good comic book, these phantoms are the figment of the minister's imagination.

It is also important to note that our minister claims, just like a superhero would, that he possesses the moral right to make decisions on the basis that it is the Christian thing to do.

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