Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stadium plan could include 2nd water park, Polo Park land

More details are emerging about a deal that could lead to a new football stadium being constructed in Winnipeg's Point Douglas neighbourhood.

David Asper, the man behind a proposal to build a new stadium in Winnipeg, may still get a piece of city land at Polo Park, even if the new building is constructed in Point Douglas.

When Asper initially put forward his bid to take over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, he wanted to build the new stadium where the current one sits, at Polo Park.

However, he would require a steady income to support that project, so the city was considering selling him land in the area, a big-box shopping mecca close to Polo Park Shopping Centre, that he could develop for retail use.

Now it appears Asper's stadium project could go up in the inner-city Point Douglas neighbourhood, but the Polo Park land could still be part of the deal.

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