Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Only U.S. Apple retail stores getting iPhone 3G

If you want an iPhone 3G outside of the U.S., you won't find one at the Apple store.
(Credit: Apple)

While Rogers, Canada's largest wireless carrier, has made few friends with its iPhone 3G rate plans, it's not the only foreign carrier that will have to go it alone with iPhone sales on Friday.

The Internet was all atwitter Tuesday with reports that Apple had decided to pull iPhone 3Gs from its six Canadian retail stores for Friday's launch, apparently in protest over Rogers' decision to not offer its iPhone 3G customers an unlimited data plan. Appleinsider said that Apple made the decision in a Monday night conference call after it grew "disgusted" with the rate plans, which require three-year contracts, offer very few minutes at the introductory rates, and lack the option for unlimited data usage.

While I wouldn't be surprised if Apple isn't very happy about how things have unfolded in Canada (see this piece by Macworld's Jim Dalrymple for a look at the Canadian iPhone zeitgeist), Apple isn't selling the iPhone at any of its retail stores outside the U.S. Canada joins the U.K., Italy, Australia and Japan as countries that will have to rely on Apple's carrier partners in those regions to purchase the iPhone 3G on Friday.

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