Saturday, July 5, 2008

Three friends who perished in watery crash were ‘full of life'

MINETT, ONT., TORONTO — Peninsula Road is worth taking slowly, if only for the postcard-pretty views of the Joe River, as the locals call it.

On Friday, where the road curves before crossing the river, cottage-bound travellers slowed to take in a starkly different sight: 20 metres of metal guardrail ripped from the ground, a pine tree shorn at a point as high as a basketball hoop, and various bits of the Audi S4 that literally flew through here and into the river on Thursday evening, killing three young men inside.

A fourth occupant, a young woman, survived somehow.

Ontario Provincial Police identified the dead as Tyler Mulcahy and Cory Mintz, both 20 and from Toronto, and Kourosh Totonchian, 19, of North York.

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