Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Chiel - Olympics like no other

THAT was some Olympics. Well it would be with 1.3 billion Chinese behind it – give or take a few hundred million who weren’t – and 43billion spent.

That’s R335bn – more than half our national budget. Phew! On one two-week sporting event. And what has that given them? The eyes and ears of the world for two weeks. Proof that China is capable of doing anything and pulling it off with panache. That in terms of all the Olympic codes they are the top sporting nation, and more.

It showed us that they have organising skills way beyond those of lesser and even equal nations.

Even from afar we had to be impressed. On the spot it must have been awesome, mind boggling ... I mean even if you weren’t into sport you must have been awestruck by the stadiums, the decorations, slick routines, opening ceremony, closing ceremony ... And the rest.

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