Monday, September 1, 2008

Picture: Vladimir Putin 'shoots' tiger, dismisses EU leaders

Vladimir Putin was dismissive of European leaders today who suggested that concrete action would be taken against Russia after its military action in Georgia – including suspension from the G8.

The Russian Prime Minister – shown in new macho-style pictures apparently tranquilising a tiger – said that any attempts at severing relations would be hampered by the self-interest of European nations.

EU leaders meet tomorrow for an emergency summit to discuss the Georgian crisis, and Gordon Brown said today that there should be a “root and branch” review of ties with Russia.

“In the light of Russian actions, the EU should review – root and branch – our relationship with Russia,” he wrote in The Observer today. He made no mention of possible EU sanctions against Russia.

1 comment:

David Gerard said...

Putin was showing the effete Westerners the power of Russian manliness.

Palin, now ... she'll be a serious challenger. Killing a moose and eating its still-beating heart? No Russian man would dare cross a mother of five.

Obama, of course, would smile a dazzling smile and the tiger would stop in its tracks and slink off slightly ashamed.