Friday, October 31, 2008

Survivor Doubles Down

Surprises abounded on Thursday's episode of Survivor: Gabon, which featured a double elimination—one earned, one not—and twists galore as far as immunity, alliances, physical prowess and other game-playing necessities were concerned.

Ten castaways are left and...could that be a crack in Kota's armor? And what's with all those sly smiles?

Here's how it went down:

Dan Kay's paranoia is starting to grate on Kota leader Marcus Lehman's nerves. Which means handsome Dan is starting to look like a liability. "There's nothing I can do to save him from himself at this point," Marcus rationalizes.

Reward challenge: Aw, Fang is looking so small... Anyway, three members from each tribe toss a breakable ball back and forth while a member of the other tribe tries to smash their ball to the ground. Fang needs to break a five-challenge losing streak, so…this reward would really mean a lot.

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