Monday, December 1, 2008

Butler-Jones says docs and nurses should walk the walk and get a flu shot

TORONTO — Canada's chief public health officer took aim at health-care professionals who refuse to get flu shots on Sunday, suggesting those who press the public to get vaccinated against diseases ought to do so themselves.

Dr. David Butler-Jones made the comments at the Canadian Immunization Conference, a gathering of public health practitioners and researchers staged annually by the Public Health Agency of Canada, in collaboration with public health groups.

"We even have difficulty getting more than 50 per cent of doctors and nurses to be immunized against the flu. Yet it's usually us who take it (influenza) into the nursing home or the hospital and then spread it from person to person, effectively killing some of those that we're caring for," Butler-Jones said.

"I think it should be obvious that those who we rely on to deliver immunization should actually believe in it," he said.

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