Monday, December 15, 2008

Coalition blues (and reds and oranges)

A Sunday back-and-forth with NDP strategist and coalition architect Brian Topp on the prospects for his brainchild.

Bell: I had to laugh on Friday when the Globe provided free, entirely contradictory advice to the federal NDP in the same strategists column. To wit:

"Our polling in the last Liberal leadership showed Bob Rae was best positioned to win those NDP switch voters, not Mr. Ignatieff, so the new Liberal leader needs to earn his spurs with these folks. The NDP needs to define Mr. Ignatieff as a pro-American, pro-torture corporate puppet before he gets a chance to earn those spurs.
-Greg Lyle (former chief of staff for Gary Filmon and adviser to Mike Harris)

"For the NDP: Engage. Engage. Engage. Mr. Layton can regard Mr. Ignatieff's position on the coalition as half-supportive or half-wary. What's the point of focusing on the latter? A stronger Liberal Party makes for a potentially stronger coalition. For now, take that and run."
-Scott Reid (former communications director for Paul Martin)

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