Thursday, January 1, 2009

Family skeptical of charges Markham man spied for Hussein

MARKHAM, ONT. -- If U.S. suspicions about a Toronto man being a spy for Saddam Hussein are correct, then a life of intelligence intrigue in Washington has become one of Canadian suburban banality.

Mouyad Mahmoud Darwish, a 47-year-old jack of all trades originally from Iraq, has long held Canadian citizenship. However, from 2000 to 2006 he harboured an American dream, working odd jobs in the U.S. capital - including some for Iraqi diplomats - in hopes of relocating there.

When that dream died, he returned to Canada. Last September, he bought a $375,000 home on the outskirts of Toronto.

Located in a cookie-cutter subdivision next to farmers' fields, the Markham house has a beat-up Dodge in the driveway, which Mr. Darwish uses to commute to his current job at a Home Depot.

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