Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peruvian film "The Milk of Sorrow" wins in Berlin

BERLIN (Reuters) – Mournful Peruvian entry "The Milk of Sorrow" (La Teta Asustada) won the coveted Golden Bear award for best picture at the Berlin film festival on Saturday.

The first Peruvian film in competition at the annual cinema showcase, the story revolves around Fausta, the product of a rape inflicted on her mother during two decades of rebel violence in which around 70,000 people died or disappeared.

After her mother's death, the virtually silent Fausta (played by Magaly Solier) is determined to bury her in her native village but in order to do so must confront the malaise that afflicts her like a sickness.

The title is based on the idea that Fausta's mother passes sorrow on to her daughter through breast milk.

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