Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More soulful version

White said that kind of perfection breeds a cynicism with the experience of music.

"I wouldn't pick that and I don't think if people knew that was happening on the music that they love, that they would pick that over recording it live and having a more soulful version of the whole thing."

White created Third Man Records this year with the hope of recording a more authentic music experience. He's pleased with what they've achieved with Horehound.

"It's so explosive and forceful and dangerous. I don't think other bands sound like that on record," he said.

Mosshart said the group members didn't even know they had an album until the day before they finished recording.

The Dead Weather is now on a North American tour that featured recent stops in Toronto and Ottawa.

White, who's always seeking ways to challenge himself as an artist, has switched back to drums, which he hadn't played in 15 years. The new lineup features Lawrence on bass and Fertita on guitar.

"If a drummer misses something, everybody notices. If a guitar player misses a note, you don't really notice it. I have that challenge," he said, adding that it's also difficult to sing and play drums at the same time.

He recalled his 2007 tour of Canada, which will soon be reprised in the film The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights, a documentary by Emmett Malloy that is to open the Toronto International Film Festival.

That tour with ex-wife Meg White was the ultimate in live experiences, he said. White has fond memories of his date in Iqaluit and Whitehorse, cities not often on concert tours.

"In Whitehorse, we were picked up in a '51 Chevy on the tarmac by the mayor of the town," he said.

"To go to Iqaluit was not a good business move — it doesn't even pay for itself — but that show was incredible. Meeting with Inuit elders — these are things that would never have happened if we hadn't gone up there," he said.

"That's so much more important than to play an arena for the fifth time. That's what you do as a musician, to share with people and to go out of your way to go somewhere you haven't been before, physically and mentally. It's also the most incredible luxury that we can do that."

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