Friday, July 17, 2009

Ottawa family struggles with adoption agency bankruptcy

The sudden closure of an Ontario-based international adoption agency has left an Ottawa family wondering what will now happen to the child it was hoping to adopt.

For the last two years, Kids Link, which runs Imagine Adoption, had helped Canadians adopt children from Ethiopia, Ghana and Ecuador.

But on Monday, the company based in Cambridge, Ont., posted a bankruptcy notice on its website.

Eileen Ogoniek and her husband, who live in Ottawa, said they used the agency to adopt their first son, Daniel, a year ago.

"The final step is when you get your file there. You almost feel like you're pregnant at that point because you know it's almost a guarantee that you're going to get a baby," said Ogoniek.

The experience was so positive, she said, that she had returned — this time to adopt a daughter from Ethiopia.

But with the notice that was posted, Ogoniek now said that process is in limbo.

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