Friday, August 7, 2009

Premiers say employment insurance program needs to be reformed, simplified

REGINA - Canada's premiers spent part of today talking about how to overhaul the employment insurance program, but they haven't completely agreed on what changes they'd like.

The premiers, who are meeting in Regina, want to reduce the number of EI regions - each with different thresholds to qualify for benefits. They say the program should be simplified and streamlined and should provide Canadians with equitable support regardless of where they live.

The provincial and territorial leaders also say the program should be reformed with more emphasis on skills training.

But the premiers failed to agree on how many regions there should be -currently there are 58 - or on the hours of work needed to qualify for EI.

The premiers are also jointly calling on the federal government to hold a national summit on pensions, amid concerns that many Canadians are facing retirement without adequate income.

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